Hand gestures

1. Crossing your index finger and middle finger
This gesture if quite fun. Between sign language interpreters this is a reminder to yourself, you have something to say and you cross our fingers so you wouldn’t forget it. To someone else this is gesture indicates to “lady parts”. So it can cause some weird or awkward situations if you don’t know why Finnish sign language interpreters sit their fingers crossed.
2. Thumb up
We are used to think that “thumbs up” is a positive sign, we hope someone to get what he wants. We also use thumb when we wish something. Or when someone has succeeded in his task. Between divers this thumb up means that diver needs to go up, to surface. It is used normal situations but also if something is wrong and you have to get up right now.
3. “The five fathers”
When I found this one I started to laugh out loud. People always ask me if sign language is international. And when I say “no” they always wonder why not. Well, this is a good example of that. In different countries we have different cultures and signs and gestures are linked to than culture. This gesture is also a sign in Finnish sign language and it mean “berry”. But in some countries this mean that you mother is a whore. So no. Sign language is not international and there is a good reason for it.



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