Learning for life

I think I’m at the B2 level in my English skills. I have to use English every day at work so I have to use and understand different kinds of English users. The problem is that even though I use English a lot, I also use Finnish with my colleagues all the time. So sometimes it is hard to understand because we use “finglish”. Or we understand each other very well but an outsider wouldn’t understand a thing.
Different dialect can be hard to understand. For example dialect from India or China can be extremely difficult to understand. But good side is, the more you listen to them the more you start to understand. So hopefully I’ll start to understand them in a few years. The most important thing is just to use the language. If you don’t use it, you won’t learn it. After I get my English skills to level I’m happy with, I’ll start to work my Swedish skills. One language at the time is my motto.



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